About us

NEED for BEAUTY is a company that does everything possible to get you nuggets that you will not find at other local merchants.

Her creation appeared to us to be obvious when me and my fiancee came back from a great adventure that we had the chance to perform around our beautiful planet.

We have found on our way that there were great products invented around the world. Without knowing it we would pass by while they might be useful to us. That's why we decided to open an e-shop so that we can make everyone enjoy pearls that can serve us and make our daily life more enjoyable and comfortable. And all this at very attractive prices.

We can offer you products at such low prices because we buy directly from the manufacturing plants. So without going through suppliers or intermediary platforms which avoids any additional costs compared to the cost price.

In addition, we use SSL, Stripe and PayPal encrypted payment systems to guarantee you maximum security on all your purchases.

So what do you think?

All we want is to live together in joy and sharing. We hope with all your heart that you will find a bit of happiness among us.

The ultimate goal for us will be to use the funds raised to develop our great project, which will help some parts of the world in perdition, so that it can develop cleanly and sustainably.

Thank you for reading us and wanting to be part of our adventure.